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The Rhythmn of Routine

SorenWasn’t June yesterday? According to the calendar it’s October! I look out the window to confirm that fall has arrived and that we are moving delightedly, albeit amazed by the passing of time, into another school year. Looking back, as the school year wound down and I felt myself slipping into the usual panic wondering if we had accomplished enough, I took a deep breath and engaged my eyes to assess the situation. All around was evidence of accomplishment, a 275-page volume of original prose and poetry, a short film, a mountain of completed math lessons, history binders bulging at the seams, the remnants of a science fair, and a stack of fine literature. Taking in the scene, amazed as usual, I wondered how this accomplishment was possible. "Routine," I whispered aloud. The accomplishment, and it is significant, happens each year, day by day, as the students in my cooperative engage in the framework of our routine.

Fast forward, here I stand preparing lessons on the threshold of a brand new school year. Why do I look back? I look back to remind myself that routine is not the enemy, routine is the hero.

Last week I had a conversation with a friend who teaches at a public high school in Los Angeles. As I was discussing the plans I have for my cooperative this coming year, specifically the literature we will explore, her bright countenance dimmed, "I only have the opportunity to read one novel per year with my students." We both stopped to acknowledge this very sad truth. This past year, my middle school literature circle read and explored eight novels. This coming year I have at least that amount slated to explore with my high school group.

This past year my middle school literature group was able to explore all those books because their routine for approaching literature is firmly established. I see snapshots in my mind: Working with my students to overcome the struggle to take notes, the task of teaching the value of using vocabulary from the reading in a new context, reminding them to respond to comprehension questions with a complete sentence, and encouraging young writers to value their voice. Looking back I see that practicing and applying these elements to each book we tackled allowed my students to move easily along the academic spectrum. Looking back I see that it is not simply routine, but the right kind of routine that matters.

The comfort of routine, once established, will set roots deep into soil, establishing a framework for the tree to grow strong. When a routine rhythm of reading and exploring great stories is established from an early age, students will value the work of exploring books. So as I ready myself for a brand new year, here's a nod and a great "Hip, Hip, Hurrah" to the hero of the day: Routine.



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“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

—Benjamin Franklin   

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Stone Fox
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The Magician's Nephew
What happens when Digory and Polly get transported to a new world?

The City of Ember
What will happen when the generator finally fails?

LEVEL 3 (Grades 5-8)

How will Misha continue to dream?


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Is your jr. high or high school student a budding writer, musician, or artist? Visit CollectiveBanter.com a place for young creators.


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The Collective Banter Challenge is a biannual creative arts competiton where students must respond to a specific directive with their chosen art form.

Fall 2009 Challenge:
Communicate the concept of freedom within boundaries.

Cash prizes will be awarded for short stories, poetry, instrumental compositions, songs, drawing, painting, mixed-media, 3-Dimensional works, photography, and computer generated artwork. Visit CollectiveBanter.com for more details.


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